Cyclone Power Technologies

It’s time for… The New Engine
Cyclone Power Technologies is an engine research and manufacturing company focused on helping solve two of the great problems of our time: air pollution’s effect on the unsustainable consequences to our environment and the need for an abundant, clean power in remote areas of the world.

The Cyclone Engine

Our engine is a Rankine Cycle heat regenerative, external combustion engine generator set. The remastered Rankine Cycle design, otherwise known as a “Schoell Cycle” engine, is the 21st century’s high efficiency, compact and powerful steam engine deployable anywhere.

The Cyclone Engine is customizable to run on virtually any fuel (or combination of fuels) including today’s promising new bio fuels. This advancement emits far fewer pollutants than conventional gas or diesel powered internal combustion engines creating a new EPA class! To-date, has achieved thermal efficiencies from 30% to 60%.


The Possibilities are Vast

From waste energy and solar thermal power generators for municipalities to data centers to crypto mines or the next clean power innovation for vehicle innovations to cars, trucks, trains and ships, we see a day when our planet will be powered in a sustainable manner by just One Engine – the Cyclone Engine.

Handcrafted and Time Tested