Business Development Information Request

Sales, Distribution and OEM Inquiries


For a Sales and Distribution Agreements – Potential groups that are interested in securing a Cyclone Sales and Distribution Agreement are required to submit the following information:

  • Geographical area for sales requested
  • Type of engines to be sold
  • Limited type of industry sales coverage
  • Business experience (how long and in what)
  • Marketing and sales plan with volume estimates
  • Number of employees for sales coverage of requested area
  • Financial capabilities (last year’s gross sales)
  • Import / export experience
  • Plan for service and warrantee work.

Cyclone receives a great many Sales and Distribution Agreement inquiries; however, best qualifier ultimately will be successful.

For an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Agreement – The following information is required to be submitted to evaluate potential groups who are interested in securing an OEM Agreement status with Cyclone.

  • Which Cyclone engines will be used
  • Which Parts, Assemblies, Sub-assemblies
  • What is your business experience
  • Financial capacity (last year’s gross sales)
  • List of products that you are proposing to integrate Cyclone engines into
  • List of current products, software compatibilities, quality control programs (ISO9001, ISO14,001, etc.)
  • Production capacities
  • IP protection program, security control program
  • Bonding, warrantee reserves
  • Technology readiness level (TRL) of the product
  • Projections on product roll-out (quantities and time frames)

This information is required for anyone interested in securing production capacity from Cyclone. Submit a full information package (and any additional information that might have an impact on your proposed project) for an early review as a great many requests have been made; the earliest, best qualifier ultimately will be successful.

Once we receive this information package, we will begin the Applicant Review Program and when completed, Cyclone will identify any missing forms, information or items remaining for approval.

Note that if the company has a Sales and Distribution Agreement it does not afford the benefits of an OEM status. If the company has an OEM status, it cannot sell or distribute engines, unless it also applies for and is granted a Sales and Distribution Agreement.

Let Cyclone know if these Agreements are of interest to you and your groups. We can review your initial information and upon selection, can move into formal program elements.

    Type of Inquiry

    Manufacturer of EnginesSystems Integrator (install engines from us into a system for retail sales)Distributor of Cyclone Integrated products