Before Cyclone was a company, several small engines were built and tested by the inventor, Harry Schoell, at his Schoell Marine facility (founded 1967). A small single cylinder engine was tested and run on several fuels. The next hurdle was outside verification by a Thermodynamist and Mechanical Engineer. The Engineering Company completed the evaluation and Harry received corroboration which verified the Cyclone Engine.

A private company was formed, Cyclone Power Technology LLC, and the MK 2 and the MK 5 were designed. The MK 2 was put on a dyno and was the first Cyclone engine to achieve over 30% efficiency. Cyclone LLC was searching for additional development capital and all sources demanded an exit strategy for their investment. At that point, the LLC was merged into a publically traded Company and renamed Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. The founders hired a President who had experience with a public company. Cyclone emerged into the public domain.

As a public company, Cyclone’s technology is the right invention for today’s search of a multi-fuel, cleaner technology to power our world’s needs. Cyclone went into the public domain as a Research and Development Company. Research contracts brought in the funds to expand the technology allowing new products to go into production.